And The Winners Are??

Bar Mitzvah ePod Photo Booth Fun


What Bar Mitzvah would be complete without the gripping anticipation of who will win?   In this case, a photo contest.  There is nothing more popular at any Bar or Bat Mitzvah than the photo booth.  Teens can never get enough photos of themselves.  Photo booths seem to satisfy this need and bring great party fun by inspiring “silly”

Mitzvah ePod Photo Booth Fun

Combine these Bar Mitzvah Mugshots with a talented DJ and let the contest begin.  Here’s how it works.

As photo booth strips are produced during the event, the guests try hard/easy to create the perfect photo to be judged in the winning categories designed by the DJ/Guests/Sponsors.  Photo booth companies are wonderful at providing props for guests to use which add a certain level of inspiration for that all important element of silliness required to compete.

Bat Mitzvah ePod Photo Booth Fun

The categories can be whatever you like.  The Funniest, Worst, Best, Goofiest, Cutest, Scariest.  You get the idea.  Or, categories can simply be #1, #2, #3.

Photos are then submitted by individuals  or friends.  Those not wishing to participate have no obligation.  Adults wishing to compete might also be encouraged.  Let the DJ decide how winners are chosen.

Awards can be done periodically throughout the event or at the end.  Let the DJ generate suspense and the thrill is on.  The”prizes” for winning can simply be the FAME itself, memorable ribbons, or winners start off the next dance.  Deciding the prizes can be just as much fun as the contest.  Good luck to ALL!

Bat Mitzvah ePod Photo Booth Fun


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