Bliss and Budget Basics

Bliss and budget basics are not the things that dreams are made of unless you are planning a wedding. You can’t avoid it whether you’re having a small or a large do, at home or abroad. From the day you say ‘yes’, you’re suddenly dealing with deposits, installments, down payments and transfers flying out from your […]

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Picking Your Bridesmaids Dress

Picking Your Bridesmaids Dress Picking Your Bridesmaids Dress…Planning a wedding is a daunting task to begin with, but it can be made that much more difficult if your bridesmaids all have different opinions when it comes to their dresses. Before you get overwhelmed by the prospect, read through these five expert tips on picking out bridesmaid […]

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Children at Weddings

Children at Weddings Children at Weddings.  Weddings can be one of the most beautiful, along with one of the most stressful, days of your life.  But when you and your partner already have children, the planning process can seem downright daunting. Whether it’s your children, your partner’s children, or any combination in between, how can […]

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Tied Up In Knots

All stressed out about planning a wedding?

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Here’s The Skinny

Here’s The Skinny! The obsession with looking good at your wedding has some brides seeking skinny over healthy.  Since what we want is what we get, a whole industry has grown up to make your every dream come true.  It is not uncommon to see vendors at bridal shows who have found an opportunity to […]

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Rhyme and Reason

You are looking at your wedding plans and you throw up your hands in despair as you are sure there is no rhyme and reason in all these details. Sometimes it seems that there is neither rhyme nor reason when you are trying to plan a wedding.  You are sure of the reason but you […]

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It’s time to plan a bridal shower that will WOW your guests.

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Glad You Asked

Guests are completely surprised when the Epod suddenly says something like “Please don’t do that”, “Please fix your hair”, “Is it possible to be that good looking?”, or “Please kiss the person next to you”. As guests respond with laughter, our cameras capture truly spontaneous reactions of each person at their happiest/silliest moments. Guests come back all night to see what new and hilarious things the booth will say to

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Charity Smiles

Charity Smiles What is a charity smile?  Charity smiles are the reward you get after writing a check and making that donation.  We guarantee it!  Our company makes an annual commitment to giving back to community, whether it is local or national.   This month it was a national charity, called Saving Teens. Attendees came from all […]

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