Comic Con Makes Reading “Cool”

Comic Con Makes Reading “Cool”

Comic Con Revolutionizes Reading!

Comic Con International: 2014

We’ve discovered from years of working this gig, the happiness factor at Comic Con is always a bit of this…

comic con 1

And a considerable amount of this…


comic con2


That’s right! Best known for publishing children’s and educational material since 1920, Scholastic is extremely relevant and very “cool” at Comic Con.

A ticket into the main attraction at the San Diego Convention Center is not an invite to the throngs of independent parties.  One such party is held each year by Scholastic, Inc.  At this exclusive event, internationally renowned graphic artists/authors are elevated to stardom.

Comic books have become an art-form where graphic artists have revolutionized reading for many young readers.  Just as past generations have had their comic book superheroes (Wonder Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, etc), the next generation longs to have their own superheroes. That’s where graphic artists rule!  How could reading get any cooler?

Comic Con International is where the Eisner Awards are presented each year. Named after Will Eisner (Wonder Man) and often called the Oscars of the comics industry, this year’s ballot included three of Scholastic publications – The Lost Boy, by Greg Ruth, Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown and Dogs of War by Sheila Keenan and Nathan Fox.

And, Scholastic is the home of the adored Kazu Kiibuishi, the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author of the “Amulet” series and Jeff Smith, of the Bone Series.


And, I think most would agree, it’s not a party without Captain Underpants.

Thanks, Dav Pilkey.

comic con4

Not everyone attending these parties is decked out in Comic Con fashion.  Did I say fashion? Let’s just say creatively-attired.

comic con5


So, providing a few essential props helps everyone fit-in. Did I say fit-in? Let’s just say have fun.

comic con6


Providing photo booth entertainment for this star-studded event is both our way to record some of the undocumented happiness that makes Comic Con such a draw and a reminder that no matter how famous you get, laughing at yourself is always the best part of any celebration.

The entire cast and most-essential crew can be viewed at:!i=3391218819&k=g2VCSkD





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