Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

What a great time of year to give back to your valued employees by hosting a Holiday Party.  While most companies don’t have an event planner on staff, that means that someone is going to draw the short straw this year and be stuck with the job of planning this event.  We can help!

Think about what you want to achieve at this party.  Is it a way to express gratitude, improve corporate image, embrace families of employees and/ or improve corporate dynamics amongst different levels of the company?   Adding a photo booth to the mix can accomplish pretty much all of these goals.

One of the many advantages of having a photo booth at a Holiday party is that your employees can make really good use of social media through Online Hosting.  This feature helps to extend the fun ( should you not remember for some reason) and bridge the online and offline worlds.  When you host an event, your attendees will typically tweet about it with the event hashtag. With this hashtag, you can actually self promote.


But let’s not forget the best reason of all, which is just to have a good time. Holidays can be very stressful and play time in a photo booth with Holiday Props can quickly suspend anxiety…if only for a brief time.

Free food and a photo booth and you just can’t go wrong.


Happy Holidays!


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