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You have questions and we are glad you asked.  Not sure what to ask?  Whenever we are faced with choosing products or services that we know little or nothing about, it’s good to have someone provide the questions that simply escape your imagination or are above your pay grade.  We are here to make you the expert and we will reward you for your ‘reading’ time…time is money, right… with a Free Guestbook for your wedding or event.

Why should I rent an Epod Talking Photo Booth as opposed to other photo booths?

Great question! This is no ordinary photo booth. Epods are the ONLY ‘Talking” photo booths in the world!! It can be likened to getting in a photo booth with a stand-up comedian. These booths have there own personality and respond accordingly to whoever is in the booth at any given time during the event. Yes, the booth talks to them, jokes with them, parties with them. Guests are completely surprised when the Epod suddenly says something like “Please don’t do that”, “Please fix your hair”, “Is it possible to be that good looking?”, or “Please kiss the person next to you”. As guests respond with laughter, our cameras capture truly spontaneous reactions of each person at their happiest/silliest moments. Guests come back all night to see what new and hilarious things the booth will say to them. In addition, Epods provide the highest quality portraits in the industry.

Wedding Photo Booth

Best Photo Booth

Our pricing includes TWO forms of entertainment; same money, more value! The budget appeal alone is secondary to the unequivocal enjoyment your guests will experience at your event. Warning! The Epods do like to “party” a bit and should only be used in situations where FUN and LAUGHTER are required and necessary.

Photo Booth San Diego

Six groomsmen in the photo booth

Why is the Epod not a pipe and drape like other “Photo Booths”?

We love raising the bar! We actually ARE a Photo BOOTH. Our sleek, classy, elegant design has a unique figure-eight shape, dual entrances and a rich mahogany wood exterior. It is all finished with brushed stainless steel and polished aluminum.

Are your prices competitive with other photo booth companies?

Our packages start at $695 and are all inclusive!  One of the reasons we are able to offer our packages at such an affordable price is we design and manufacture our own booths. This helps us keep our costs down so we can pass on the savings to you.

At what type of events are Epods most popular?

An Epod is guaranteed fun for all types of events where entertainment is included starting with: weddings, engagement party, anniversary party, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, holiday parties, NYE parties, college events, birthday parties, private parties, fundraisers, reunions, Homecomings, etc. You think of it, we’ll be there!

How do I know if the date is available?

Just click on the purple reservation tab on the page and enter your date. Or, call us at 888-337-3763 and we will check availability for you!

Do you require a reservation fee?

Yes, 50% is required to hold the date. The balance is due 30 days before the event.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured to $4,000,000 and can add an additional insured upon request.

Can you brand the exterior of the booth with photos or logos?

Yes, this is an exceptional way to personalize the photo booth and make it YOUR own! The elegant Epod looks even more amazing with your artwork on the exterior. We can send you samples of this when you call. (This is an add-on option)

branded photo booth

Customized, personalized exterior of photo booth

Do you have daily or weekly rates?

Yes, we are a full-time company and are available 7 days a week. We can design any package to offer solutions and customize services to meet your needs. We do offer discounted rates for mid-week events and multiple day rentals as well. Call for information and a price quote.

Is the Epod easy to use?

Holy cow, yes!  Just get in, touch the screen and SMILE. The booth will take 4 shots, approximately 10 seconds apart; each photo will be displayed on a monitor inside the booth. Seconds later the pictures are printed and available inside the booth. In between shots, you can just laugh yourself silly!

Can the photo strips be personalized?

Yes, this service is part of our package which makes each strip the perfect Party Favor for your guests. Our design team can create some amazing artwork to match your special event.

Do you offer other formats besides the photo strips?

Yes, we also offer a Postcard layout as an option, perfect for custom artwork and a unique look!

Can the prompts be personalized?

Yes, the booth can “talk” your language. We can add insider corporate jokes, political jokes, funny personal information, favorite music and/or movie clips, Holiday jokes, etc. Select prompts are even available in Spanish!

Is there a limit on how many photos we can print at the event?

No. Everyone gets as many as they want. Four people in the booth, four prints are provided.

quality photo booth

bride in photo booth with bridesmaids

Do you offer color or black and white photos?

We supply the BEST quality, hi-res color pictures in the business, and also offer classic Black and White!

Is someone from your company there during the event?

Yes. We provide an on-site professional attendant who will be there for the duration of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Are there special power requirements to run the Epod?

No. All that is required is access to one standard 110V outlet within 30 ft of the booth. Plug it into the wall socket and we are good to go.

I noticed that some photo booth companies have photos online, do you do that?

Yes! Photo and Music Video hosting is available upon request. All your guests can download their pictures, the Music Video (when included),  and post to Social Media, for FREE!

How does the Guestbook option work?

With a Guestbook you are guaranteed to have a wonderful memento of your event. Here’s how it works! Guests will be provided with double prints of all photos. They then have the option to glue one of the strips into the book and write a message to go along with it. We also provide glue sticks and pens. (Please note, client must provide a table and ensure appropriate space for this activity.)

Do you have Props?

Yes, we have a HUGE assortment of the industry’s best props!

What is an External Monitor?

While your guests are waiting in line they have the opportunity to watch what is going on inside the booth. A crowd pleaser for sure!
(This is an add-on option)

Can I get copies of all the photos after the event is over?

Absolutely! Each individual high-res “Epod Portrait” will be on the free professional DVD that you get shortly after the event. You may also choose online hosting of all your event pictures at no additional cost. With this option, your guests can view and download their high-res pictures for free; they can even download your Epod Music Video!

Photo Booth Rental San Diego



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