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Tis the Season for Holiday Cards

Every year around the holidays everyone preps for their yearly send out of holiday inspired cards to family, friends, and associates.  The pressures of finding that perfect personalized card arise.  I guess that is why the trend seems to be going towards photo cards.  The photos you choose can covey a story in one great […]

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Keeping it in The Family!

Some people might think that we are just A BIT too fixated on the ePod, but when Neil’s brother asked if he could bring an ePod over for a 10-year Family Reunion, what could he say, but “SURE!”? Even WE sometimes take for granted how much friggin’ FUN it is! We all laughed ’till our […]

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And The Winners Are??

  What Bar Mitzvah would be complete without the gripping anticipation of who will win?   In this case, a photo contest.  There is nothing more popular at any Bar or Bat Mitzvah than the photo booth.  Teens can never get enough photos of themselves.  Photo booths seem to satisfy this need and bring great party […]

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We are Award-Winning!

NACE New Member of the Year This last Tuesday we went to the annual NACE Award Dinner, at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island. What a GORGEOUS NIGHT! Temps in the mid-70’s, a giant bowl of mai-tais, and a beautiful view of Downtown across the bay.  Just LOVE those fall Santa Anas! For us, the […]

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San Diego Bridal Bar

If you are looking for a one-stop shop where the best bridal services are centralized, check out the Bridal Bar!  Based in La Jolla, they provide only high-quality vendors and can take you from concept to creation, from napkins to entertainment.  Their goal is for you to have the wedding of a lifetime.  ePod Talking […]

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