Photo Booths Make a Comeback!

Photo booths are the hot new trend in 2010 for weddings, class reunions, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, school dances and private parties.  Okay, they are pretty much a hit wherever you get a group of people, young or old, together for a celebration!  Once you have been to an event with one you will know why.  It is hard to explain the psychology behind the mass appeal of photo booths or how they can bring out the wild and wacky side of almost anyone.  One has to witness firsthand

were typically not widely available and used to come with quite a price tag.  Renting a photo booth was an expensive proposition because the old-fashioned type of photo booths were extremely large and heavy and not designed for easy transport, but for long-term installation.  Furthermore, old-fashioned photo booths used chemical processing, which took quite a while to print out the photo strips and utilized smelly and expensive chemicals.  Not environmentally friendly!

Flash forward (pun intended) to the 21st century.  With the enormous advancements in digital photography and printing, photo booths are making a huge comeback.  Unlike vintage photo booths, the new digital photo booths are designed to be transportable, making them affordable and readily available for private events.

Other advantages to a digital photo booth include quick printing (speeds will be determined by the specific hardware the photo booth is using), customization of the photo strips by adding graphics unique to the event (such as custom monogram or corporate logo), customization of the Welcome Screen on the photo booth’s interior monitor and the ability to save digital copies of the photos.  The digital copies are then given to the event host on a DVD or flash drive.  A Music Video of the photo booth pictures is the latest cutting-edge in digital evolution.

There are a wide variety of styles of portable photo booths available now and they are relatively affordable to book for your special event.  Some companies have even retrofitted vintage photo booths with digital processing; that way you get the look and feel of a vintage booth, but with all the advantages of digital one!

After you determined which kind of photo booth is best for your event, do your homework and find the best photo booth company in your area to make your special event even better!  Your guests will be entertained for hours and have wonderful keepsakes from your event.

Welcome back photo booths!


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