Taking a moment at your wedding to honor a family member who cannot be there is such a selfless and classy gesture.

Sometimes we witness the best part of humanity at weddings.  As a bride or groom, to remove yourself from the limelight for one brief moment and to take the time to lovingly reflect on those who have been a pivotal part of your life and are unable to attend the ceremony, brings them into the celebration and opens a window into your character.   You know that they would have loved to be with you in this moment. Departed Grandparents, parents, siblings and loved ones can still be part of your special day and these are some of the ways we have seen them included.

In one instance, the Groom wore a wedding ring that had belonged to his grandmother during the ceremony.  Although it only would fit on his pinky finger, it was his way of including her by physically being reminded of her loving heart.   He remarked, ” I wanted her to be part of this day. We have been so busy planning every minute, that I didn’t want to get so lost in the activities that I did not take a moment to remind myself of her unconditional love and how much she would have wanted to share in my joy today “.

And then there was the bride who wore a necklace that her Mother had worn on her wedding day; a groom who wore his brother’s dog tags; a bride who wore a bracelet her Father gave her when she was a teenager.

7.29 selfless acts of love

A walk down the aisle is not always possible, but this bride took the time before the ceremony to visit her Father’s gravesite, making him part of her special day.

Those who love others so deeply are probably a good candidate for a spouse.  WHY?  Because they have already demonstrated that, at their core, their love flows outward instead of inward.  It may not be the only thing that matters in a happy marriage but demonstrating selfless acts of love is a pretty great way to start this forever after moment.




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