Something to LYFT Your Spirits

Something to LYFT Your Spirits

Here’s a subject that almost all of us in the wedding industry can relate to. There are a lot of wedding guests who leave a reception DRUNK or exceptionally impaired.  Worst of all, their designated drivers seem to have disappeared, if there ever was one. Let’s face it, in this economy, not all of us can afford a limo or a cab. And yet, this is a party and celebrating should not have to come with a price, like a DUI or even worse, an accident.

What if there was a service offering a safe driving alternative to a pricey cab or limo, and, in addition, was as easy as tapping an app on your phone?  Well, good news!  That service is LYFT and it has a user friendly app that makes getting a “lift” when you need it, a life saver.  Literally, for many!  For those new to LYFT, this link is all you need to get started.

Now, I have no statistics to actually back this up, but it’s reasonable to assume that lives are at risk when guests leave your reception tanked.  However, you don’t have to be drunk to consider using this service.  Think about it… you are all dressed up, so why not have a “budget friendly” chauffeur drive you to an event?  Feel like a king without losing your gold.


When you consider parking fees at some of the wedding venues, valet fees plus tips, access convenience, traffic and gas for your own car, you might come out ahead in the end… minus the stress and worry.

Now, imagine that your invitations or wedding website gave your guests access to this creative service, with a built in $25 incentive?  Interested?   Well, here’s something to smile about.


 For a short time (until 100 coupons run out)  whether you are booking our photo booth services or not, whether you are a wedding planner, vendor, bride, groom, bartender, concerned citizen, or just a wild and crazy party animal, we will mail or email the code ($25 credit toward their first LYFT request and for first time users) to you with easy, easy directions on how to download onto any smart phone.

One of the amazing perks of having the LYFT app already on your phone is that you never have to worry about carrying cash or credit cards with you…you only need your phone.  Siri, please open the Lyft App!


We thought that would make you happy.

Give us a call or email us for more information.



REMINDER:, only NEW or FIRST TIME users of LYFT can take advantage of the $25 credit attached to the promo code.  If your guests have already availed themselves of this service, they do not need to be incentivized…they already know the benefits.



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