True Love or True Blood?

True Love or True Blood?

If True Blood has taught us nothing, it has taught us that Vampires can look so very normal.  As a new season of True Blood brings us up close and personal with Vampires, let’s see how your date compares. A session in a photo booth can reveal a great deal about the date that you brought to the party.



Like True Blood: Dates can sometimes involve some heavy drinking.

Unlike True Blood: Usually drinking refers to alcohol not blood



Like True Blood: Your date may have some serious issues.

Unlike True Blood: Usually those issues are non-dental.



Like True Blood:  Your date may have some fashion quirks.

Unlike True Blood:  Usually those quirks are rarely hidden by hats.


Like True Blood:  Your date may end with a kiss.

Unlike True Blood: Usually that kiss is just the beginning, not the END.


To end up with True Love, go ahead and “INVITE” your date into the photo booth, any “fang” can happen!


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