Wedding Trends, 2014: Soft and Elegant

 The 10 Hottest 2014 Wedding Trends:  Soft and Elegant

Romance defines 2014.  From invitations to shimmering cakes, soft and elegant are trending.  The classic is back in and that includes chivalry…the kind that makes us melt and creates lasting memories.  These heartfelt trends have some blast to the past that we all can relate to and guaranteed to make us swoon.

1.  No more reds and purples…the hot colors are peach and light, light pink.  The softness of all that surrounds the bride is a guarantee to make her radiance shine.  Not a fan of nude colors?  This is where the classic romantic appeal comes into play. These warm colors are just yummy in a traditional kind of way.


2.  The Great Gatsby look will trend on in 2104.  Visualize long white gloves, tuxedoes with tails, crystal candlesticks and gold-rimmed china, big bands and the charming elegance of the Roaring Twenties.  What was old is still new, just like romance itself, formality reminds of us of days gone by.

3.  The flowers of the year are also exquisitely romantic.  Peonies and garden roses top the list of soft, lush and elegant.

4.  Table garland are a bit cleaned up as well.  The fern garlands down the center of the table  have that adorable appeal.  The return of the citrus trellis is back and enhances the soft, yet elegant ambiance.  No more gaudy table arrangements that smack of “too much”.

5. Elegant invitations are back and thank you for that.  What defines the romantic more than the classic, formal invitation?   The most requested look is for an invitation smaller than the standard 5×7 — more of the soft colors and something dainty and sets the tone for nostalgic and elegant.



6.  Dinner fares will be bringing on the caliente as menus trend toward the spicy.   The shrimp is not the only item with a bite…the beer is going spicy as well, with specialty ‘Chipotle’ beers topping the list.


7.  Soft and elegant also defines this year’s service style.  Waiters will be wearing black dinner jackets and white gloves, but the trend will be toward presenting food family style. It’s more interactive when everyone helps themselves.


8.  The cakes of 2014 will trend lush and lovely.  Favoring the lemon cake with rich lemon frosting, glitter dusting will be the stand alone decoration and the reflecting shine will smack of elegance.  The same kind of sparkle will adorn cakes for the chocolate lovers as tastes trend toward the salty praline and mocha combo.

9. Music that fits your theme.  Bandleaders nationwide report that clients are requesting music to go along with wedding themes ranging from films (The Great Gatsby) to locales (like France — all songs were performed in French!).  Never out of vogue, stick to songs that your guests know and love but mix up the musical styles. “Think a bluegrass band playing ‘Hava Nagila’ or a string quartet playing Coldplay,” says bandleader Amber Gustafon


10. Looking for a chic wild card idea that creates the element of surprise? Forgo reception favors altogether for an elegant photo booth.  We are not talking about the ‘tawdry’ pipe and drape but the classic “real”  photo booth.  Guests never tire of a photo strip that features them while at the same time reminds them of your amazing reception.


 In fact, a photo booth captures the perfect nostalgic, romantic feel that defines 2014 trends.







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