Bliss and Budget Basics

Bliss and budget basics are not the things that dreams are made of unless you are planning a wedding. You can’t avoid it whether you’re having a small or a large do, at home or abroad. From the day you say ‘yes’, you’re suddenly dealing with deposits, installments, down payments and transfers flying out from your savings, joint accounts and credit cards.


Brides and Budgets

Budget Blues

Negotiate – Don’t be afraid to haggle with suppliers on quotes. If you’re in the fortunate position to do so, offer to pay the lion’s share of a large payment upfront in return for a reduction on the overall price.

Buy some time – Never feel forced to commit to something on the spot by persuasive sales people. Can you get the same product at a better price elsewhere?

Make friends with your finances – Dedicate ten minutes every week to your finances to ensure everything has been accounted for, particularly if cash payments are made.

Double trouble – If your partner is also spending from the same pot, make sure they always have a clear view on your current balance. You can’t spend the same money twice!

Create a stash for WPBs (Wedding Planning Bombshells) – “How much?” Set aside 5% of your budget for when unexpected payment bombshells land.

Cash in on your talents – There’s a YouTube tutorial on everything now so if you have creative family and friends who don’t mind helping, why not make your bouquet, buttonholes and wedding cake? Remember though, practice makes perfect.

Don’t scrimp on your memories – If you have a photographer friend you trust to take your pictures, excellent. But otherwise it’s worth paying for a photographer whose style you like and has the testimonials to warrant their price.  And the memories of your guests are also important.  Don’t scrimp on a photo booth as many brides are tempted to do.  This kind of scrimping can tarnish all of your otherwise flawless planning.

BYOB – Can you source your own booze? Bulk buying your bubbles will help balance out corkage costs. Supermarket promotions may vary online and in-store, so keep an eye on both.

The idea that a budget can limit your creative style and vision for this special day, can be viewed as a challenge to make the most with what you have and, no matter how you cut it, your commitment to a budget is the road to bliss.

Bliss and Budget Basics

Beautiful Bride and Groom in Epod Photo Booth


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