Geek Wedding

Geek Wedding

Geek wedding? Not many weddings can distinguish themselves with a geek theme, but this one was amazing!  Nerds, take note!

This wedding demonstrates how creative a couple can be and how this creative flare can be applied when you want something traditional and NOT traditional.   It’s not everyday that original defines a wedding reception but we think this qualifies as a delightful exception. Imagine, if you can, a Comic-Con-Pharmacist theme!  This was different and unique on many levels. A photo booth was a must to have at this event because the proof of all of these unusual details would not have been recorded and the memories saved to boast about in the future.  Every guest will remember this wedding.  Why?  Well, to begin with, this was a cultural wedding.  Tradition is harder to break away from when you have cultural restraints, but it is safe to say that this wedding not only broke with tradition but registered over the top on the fun meter.

This couple wanted to embrace their ‘nerd’ status and have the ‘geekiest’ wedding reception ever. The bride and groom combined their love for their jobs in the pharmacy business and their love for Comic-Con and Sc-Fi.

Each guest received a badge upon check in that looked like they were checking-in at Comic-Con. Each guest received a lanyard like Comic-Con attendees which included a QR code that took guests to their wedding website.

Photo Booth Rental San Diego

Original Wedding ideas, geek wedding

Guests sat at tables that were named after their favorite Sci-Fi movies such as Star Wars. They played games that involved guest participation and prizes were awarded.


Photo Booth Ideas, Geek wedding and super hero theme

Photo Booth ideas

The bride went from this…

Fuchia wedding

Perfect colors

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Japanese Garb meets the “Hulk”, Photo Booth Ideas

To this…

Not everyone can pull off traditional Japanese garb accessorized with a bit of the ‘Hulk’ for that super hero affect.  Props at a wedding reception need to match the theme in many cases and that is one thing we love to do at Epod.  This event was right up our alley, since we have extensive resources for both geek and super hero themes.

But here is how the events unfolded for the guests as they arrived.  Guests were greeted by this sign upon arrival…

Geek Wedding

Pharmacists get married

And then received enlarged medicine bottles filled with chocolate delights as party favors. (Loved this idea)

Pharmacy theme

Party favors are medicine bottles

Even the kids got in on the fun…

Kids in photo booth

Kids and photo booths

kids go super hero

Photo Booth Rental San Diego, Photo Booth Ideas

This Geek Wedding was a ‘nerdy’ success, and  the photo booth captured it all.


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