Holiday Parties and Photo Booths


Time to plan those Holiday Parties.  Whether you are planning a corporate event or a private gathering, you can’t seriously call it a party without a photo booth. 


Epod Talking Photo Booth


Halloween is magical when it comes to photo booths.  Close that curtain and its ‘Trick AND Treat’ time.  This Halloween is on a Saturday and, for at least one client we have booked, a combined wedding and Halloween theme was just the ticket to their dream wedding.  Beyond asking the guests to all come in costume, there are some ‘ghostly’ features that I can only share after the event, but share I will. 

When Halloween falls on a Saturday…yippee, it’s this year… someone/everyone better be planning a party!   Need Halloween Photo BOOOOOOth ideas? The fact that your guests will no doubt arrive in costume might make additional props unnecessary.  



Still, it’s a good idea to help the fun along by using whatever props come with your photo booth package.  Here are some of our favorites from Say Cheese Paper Props.  Check out their selection of decorations for the whole house, too. 

Christmas is the time to celebrate with colleagues, friends, family and neighbors…you know, everybody.  So, planning a party is pretty easy.  Here are the basics…send an invitation, decorate the house, plan the menu, order the booze and then rent a photo booth.  Easy!  No need to wrap a gift because the photo strips ARE their gifts.  One size fits all and no one is disappointed the day after Christmas.  We guarantee that this gift will not be returned!  The joy begins and ends with their smiling faces. 





And as we wrap up the end of the year and prepare to ring in the New Year, you want to remember and document every minute of the fun.  One sure way to capture those crazy antics before and after midnight is in a photo booth.  Oh, YEAH!  Then, when the fog clears on January 1st…well, maybe the 2nd… you can revisit all the fun you may or may not remember by checking out the NYE pics that were hosted online. That will be the perfect moment to take those photos (FREE for your guests to download) and post them to social media.  Yes, this one!

Halloween, 6


Photo booth entertainment is perfect for these occasions but book early to make sure that availability won’t be a problem. The couple you see below planned their party way in advance and had time left over to practice their gorgeous smile for when they made there way into the photo booth.  


Epod Photo Booth

Smile, it’s going to be a great new year! 




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