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Here’s The Skinny

Here’s The Skinny! The obsession with looking good at your wedding has some brides seeking skinny over healthy.  Since what we want is what we get, a whole industry has grown up to make your every dream come true.  It is not uncommon to see vendors at bridal shows who have found an opportunity to […]

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Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire

And, the Couples Choice Award for 2016 goes to…drumroll…suspense…Epod Talking Photo Booth What, wait…OMG, we won! Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire.  I feel like we are at the Academy Awards and I am about to make a speech to thank WeddingWire for this honor and privilege.  Applause, applause!  Okay, here I go… “Wow, wow, this […]

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