ISO: A REAL Photo Booth

ISO: A REAL Photo Booth.  The time is going to come when you will be in search of a photo booth.  It happens to all of us and sometimes it’s good to be prepared.  What do I need to know?  Let’s start with the definition.  An actual photo booth is rooted in some nostalgic experiences that we all have had at one point or another in our lives.  We got inside an enclosed structure, sat down on the seat, closed the curtain, smiled at the camera, waited for the four flashes and then received a photo strip.  Thrilling, fun and a keepsake that evokes memories and good times. We all have one!

Photo Booth Rental San Diego

life size photo strip from photo booth


The status of the photo strip has not changed in 50 years but the quality of both the booths and pictures have really changed..  Even the definition has changed.  When doing a random google search for a photo booth to rent, you will notice that more than 80% of the vendors have no actual photo booth at all. Instead, you will be offered a pipe and drape with a camera on a tri-pod and asked to accept that as the real thing.  About as much time and effort went into the creation of this Home Depot version as their marketing. This is no joke, unless you are talking about the joke being on you.  Of course it’s cheap, because it’s nothing like the real thing.  So, you have to decide what you want…the real thing or the other.

Photo Booth Rental San Diego, Photo Booth ideas

You deserve the best photo booth in San Diego

In the interest of time and money…your time and money…understand that you can save both by knowing that many companies can provide you with the REAL thing and for almost the same price.  In fact, you can negotiate a price with a solid experienced, professional vendor and I can assure you that disappointment will not be one of the emotions you experience at your event.


Photo Booth Rental San Diego

Laughter in a real photo booth



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